The GearmanJob class

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The GearmanJob class


(PECL gearman >= 0.5.0)

Class synopsis

class GearmanJob {

/* Methods */

public complete(string $result): bool
public __construct()
public data(string $data): bool
public exception(string $exception): bool
public fail(): bool
public functionName(): string
public handle(): string
public returnCode(): int
public sendComplete(string $result): bool
public sendData(string $data): bool
public sendException(string $exception): bool
public sendFail(): bool
public sendStatus(int $numerator, int $denominator): bool
public sendWarning(string $warning): bool
public setReturn(int $gearman_return_t): bool
public status(int $numerator, int $denominator): bool
public unique(): string
public warning(string $warning): bool
public workload(): string
public workloadSize(): int


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