The DOMCharacterData class

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The DOMCharacterData class


(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

Represents nodes with character data. No nodes directly correspond to this class, but other nodes do inherit from it.

Class synopsis

class DOMCharacterData extends DOMNode {

/* Properties */

public string $data;

public readonly int $length;

/* Inherited properties */

public readonly string $nodeName;

public string $nodeValue;

public readonly int $nodeType;

public readonly ?DOMNode $parentNode;

public readonly DOMNodeList $childNodes;

public readonly ?DOMNode $firstChild;

public readonly ?DOMNode $lastChild;

public readonly ?DOMNode $previousSibling;

public readonly ?DOMNode $nextSibling;

public readonly ?DOMNamedNodeMap $attributes;

public readonly ?DOMDocument $ownerDocument;

public readonly ?string $namespaceURI;

public string $prefix;

public readonly string $localName;

public readonly ?string $baseURI;

public string $textContent;

/* Methods */

public appendData(string $data): bool
public deleteData(int $offset, int $count): bool
public insertData(int $offset, string $data): bool
public replaceData(int $offset, int $count, string $data): bool
public substringData(int $offset, int $count): string|false

/* Inherited methods */

public DOMNode::appendChild(DOMNode $node): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::C14N(
 bool $exclusive = false,
 bool $withComments = false,
 ?array $xpath = null,
 ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): string|false
public DOMNode::C14NFile(
 string $uri,
 bool $exclusive = false,
 bool $withComments = false,
 ?array $xpath = null,
 ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): int|false
public DOMNode::cloneNode(bool $deep = false): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::getLineNo(): int
public DOMNode::getNodePath(): ?string
public DOMNode::hasAttributes(): bool
public DOMNode::hasChildNodes(): bool
public DOMNode::insertBefore(DOMNode $node, ?DOMNode $child = null): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::isDefaultNamespace(string $namespace): bool
public DOMNode::isSameNode(DOMNode $otherNode): bool
public DOMNode::isSupported(string $feature, string $version): bool
public DOMNode::lookupNamespaceUri(string $prefix): string
public DOMNode::lookupPrefix(string $namespace): ?string
public DOMNode::normalize(): void
public DOMNode::removeChild(DOMNode $child): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::replaceChild(DOMNode $node, DOMNode $child): DOMNode|false



The contents of the node.
The length of the contents.

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