The Componere\Patch class

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The Componere\Patch class


(Componere 2 >= 2.1.0)

The Patch class allows the programmer to change the type of an instance at runtime without registering a new Definition

When a Patch is destroyed it is reverted, so that instances that were patched during the lifetime of the Patch are restored to their formal type.

Class synopsis

final class Componere\Patch extends Componere\Abstract\Definition {

/* Constructors */

public __construct(object $instance)

public __construct(object $instance, array $interfaces)

/* Methods */

public apply(): void
public revert(): void
public isApplied(): bool
public derive(object $instance): Patch
public getClosure(string $name): Closure
public getClosures(): array

/* Inherited methods */

public Componere\Abstract\Definition::addInterface(string $interface): Definition
public Componere\Abstract\Definition::addMethod(string $name, Componere\Method $method): Definition
public Componere\Abstract\Definition::addTrait(string $trait): Definition
public Componere\Abstract\Definition::getReflector(): ReflectionClass


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