The ArrayIterator class

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The ArrayIterator class


(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

This iterator allows to unset and modify values and keys while iterating over Arrays and Objects.

When you want to iterate over the same array multiple times you need to instantiate ArrayObject and let it create ArrayIterator instances that refer to it either by using foreach or by calling its getIterator() method manually.

Class synopsis

class ArrayIterator implements ArrayAccess, SeekableIterator, Countable, Serializable {

/* Constants */

const int STD_PROP_LIST = 1;

const int ARRAY_AS_PROPS = 2;

/* Methods */

public __construct(array|object $array = [], int $flags = 0)

public append(mixed $value): void
public asort(int $flags = SORT_REGULAR): bool
public count(): int
public current(): mixed
public getArrayCopy(): array
public getFlags(): int
public key(): mixed
public ksort(int $flags = SORT_REGULAR): bool
public natcasesort(): bool
public natsort(): bool
public next(): void
public offsetExists(mixed $key): bool
public offsetGet(mixed $key): mixed
public offsetSet(mixed $key, mixed $value): void
public offsetUnset(mixed $key): void
public rewind(): void
public seek(int $offset): void
public serialize(): string
public setFlags(int $flags): void
public uasort(callable $callback): bool
public uksort(callable $callback): bool
public unserialize(string $data): void
public valid(): bool


Predefined Constants

ArrayIterator Flags

Properties of the object have their normal functionality when accessed as list (var_dump, foreach, etc.).
Entries can be accessed as properties (read and write).

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