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2.4.7 print

Command: print [number]

Displays the partition table on the device parted is editing, or detailed information about a particular partition.


(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/hda: 0.000-2445.679 megabytes
Disk label type: msdos
Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
1          0.031    945.000  primary   fat32       boot, lba
2        945.000   2358.562  primary   ext2
3       2358.562   2445.187  primary   linux-swap
(parted) print 1
Minor: 1
Flags: boot, lba
File System: fat32
Size:            945.000Mb (0%)
Minimum size:     84.361Mb (0%)
Maximum size:   2445.679Mb (100%)