Software Required (Parted User’s Manual)

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1.2 Software Required for the use of Parted

If you’re installing or compiling Parted yourself, you’ll need to have some other programs installed. If you are compiling Parted, you will need both the normal and devel packages of these programs installed:

  • libuuid, part of the e2fsprogs package. If you don’t have this, you can get it from:

    If you want to compile Parted and e2fsprogs, note that you will need to make install and make install-libs e2fsprogs.

  • GNU Readline (optional), available from

    If you are compiling Parted, and you don’t have readline, you can disable Parted’s readline support with the --disable-readline option for configure.

  • GNU gettext (or compatible software) for compilation, if internationalisation support is desired.