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5 Writing Recipes in Rules

The recipe of a rule consists of one or more shell command lines to be executed, one at a time, in the order they appear. Typically, the result of executing these commands is that the target of the rule is brought up to date.

Users use many different shell programs, but recipes in makefiles are always interpreted by /bin/sh unless the makefile specifies otherwise. See Recipe Execution.

Recipe Syntax    Recipe syntax features and pitfalls.
Echoing    How to control when recipes are echoed.
Execution    How recipes are executed.
Parallel    How recipes can be executed in parallel.
Errors    What happens after a recipe execution error.
Interrupts    What happens when a recipe is interrupted.
Recursion    Invoking make from makefiles.
Canned Recipes    Defining canned recipes.
Empty Recipes    Defining useful, do-nothing recipes.