15.4.10 Ada

The extensions made to GDB for Ada only support output from the GNU Ada (GNAT) compiler. Other Ada compilers are not currently supported, and attempting to debug executables produced by them is most likely to be difficult.

Ada Mode Intro:    General remarks on the Ada syntax

and semantics supported by Ada mode in GDB.

Omissions from Ada:    Restrictions on the Ada expression syntax.
Additions to Ada:    Extensions of the Ada expression syntax.
Overloading support for Ada:    Support for expressions involving overloaded


Stopping Before Main Program:    Debugging the program during elaboration.
Ada Exceptions:    Ada Exceptions
Ada Tasks:    Listing and setting breakpoints in tasks.
Ada Tasks and Core Files:    Tasking Support when Debugging Core Files
Ravenscar Profile:    Tasking Support when using the Ravenscar


Ada Settings:    New settable GDB parameters for Ada.
Ada Glitches:    Known peculiarities of Ada mode.