3.19 Machine-Dependent Options

Each target machine supported by GCC can have its own options—for example, to allow you to compile for a particular processor variant or ABI, or to control optimizations specific to that machine. By convention, the names of machine-specific options start with ‘-m’.

Some configurations of the compiler also support additional target-specific options, usually for compatibility with other compilers on the same platform.

AArch64 Options:   
Adapteva Epiphany Options:   
AMD GCN Options:   
ARC Options:   
ARM Options:   
AVR Options:   
Blackfin Options:   
C6X Options:   
CRIS Options:   
CR16 Options:   
C-SKY Options:   
Darwin Options:   
DEC Alpha Options:   
eBPF Options:   
FR30 Options:   
FT32 Options:   
FRV Options:   
GNU/Linux Options:   
H8/300 Options:   
HPPA Options:   
IA-64 Options:   
LM32 Options:   
M32C Options:   
M32R/D Options:   
M680x0 Options:   
MCore Options:   
MeP Options:   
MicroBlaze Options:   
MIPS Options:   
MMIX Options:   
MN10300 Options:   
Moxie Options:   
MSP430 Options:   
NDS32 Options:   
Nios II Options:   
Nvidia PTX Options:   
OpenRISC Options:   
PDP-11 Options:   
picoChip Options:   
PowerPC Options:   
PRU Options:   
RISC-V Options:   
RL78 Options:   
RS/6000 and PowerPC Options:   
RX Options:   
S/390 and zSeries Options:   
Score Options:   
SH Options:   
Solaris 2 Options:   
SPARC Options:   
System V Options:   
TILE-Gx Options:   
TILEPro Options:   
V850 Options:   
VAX Options:   
Visium Options:   
VMS Options:   
VxWorks Options:   
x86 Options:   
x86 Windows Options:   
Xstormy16 Options:   
Xtensa Options:   
zSeries Options: