6.62 Pragmas Accepted by GCC

GCC supports several types of pragmas, primarily in order to compile code originally written for other compilers. Note that in general we do not recommend the use of pragmas; See Function Attributes, for further explanation.

The GNU C preprocessor recognizes several pragmas in addition to the compiler pragmas documented here. Refer to the CPP manual for more information.

AArch64 Pragmas:   
ARM Pragmas:   
M32C Pragmas:   
MeP Pragmas:   
PRU Pragmas:   
RS/6000 and PowerPC Pragmas:   
S/390 Pragmas:   
Darwin Pragmas:   
Solaris Pragmas:   
Symbol-Renaming Pragmas:   
Structure-Layout Pragmas:   
Weak Pragmas:   
Diagnostic Pragmas:   
Visibility Pragmas:   
Push/Pop Macro Pragmas:   
Function Specific Option Pragmas:   
Loop-Specific Pragmas: