Extension Samples (The GNU Awk User’s Guide)

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17.7 The Sample Extensions in the gawk Distribution

This section provides a brief overview of the sample extensions that come in the gawk distribution. Some of them are intended for production use (e.g., the filefuncs, readdir, and inplace extensions). Others mainly provide example code that shows how to use the extension API.

Extension Sample File Functions    The file functions sample.
Extension Sample Fnmatch    An interface to fnmatch().
Extension Sample Fork    An interface to fork() and other process functions.
Extension Sample Inplace    Enabling in-place file editing.
Extension Sample Ord    Character to value to character conversions.
Extension Sample Readdir    An interface to readdir().
Extension Sample Revout    Reversing output sample output wrapper.
Extension Sample Rev2way    Reversing data sample two-way processor.
Extension Sample Read write array    Serializing an array to a file.
Extension Sample Readfile    Reading an entire file into a string.
Extension Sample Time    An interface to gettimeofday() and sleep().
Extension Sample API Tests    Tests for the API.