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C.6 Summary

  • gawk’s extensions can be disabled with either the --traditional option or with the --posix option. The --parsedebug option is available if gawk is compiled with ‘-DDEBUG’.
  • The source code for gawk is maintained in a publicly accessible Git repository. Anyone may check it out and view the source.
  • Contributions to gawk are welcome. Following the steps outlined in this chapter will make it easier to integrate your contributions into the code base. This applies both to new feature contributions and to ports to additional operating systems.
  • gawk has some limits—generally those that are imposed by the machine architecture.
  • The extension API design was intended to solve a number of problems with the previous extension mechanism, enable features needed by the xgawk project, and provide binary compatibility going forward.
  • The previous extension mechanism is no longer supported and was removed from the code base with the 4.2 release.