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26 Editing Programs

This chapter describes Emacs features for facilitating editing programs. Some of the things these features can do are:

  • Find or move over top-level definitions (see Defuns).
  • Apply the usual indentation conventions of the language (see Program Indent).
  • Balance parentheses (see Parentheses).
  • Insert, kill or align comments (see Comments).
  • Highlight program syntax (see Font Lock).
Program Modes:    Major modes for editing programs.
Defuns:    Commands to operate on major top-level parts

of a program.

Program Indent:    Adjusting indentation to show the nesting.
Parentheses:    Commands that operate on parentheses.
Comments:    Inserting, killing, and aligning comments.
Documentation:    Getting documentation of functions you plan to call.
Hideshow:    Displaying blocks selectively.
Symbol Completion:    Completion on symbol names of your program or language.
MixedCase Words:    Dealing with identifiersLikeThis.
Semantic:    Suite of editing tools based on source code parsing.
Misc for Programs:    Other Emacs features useful for editing programs.
C Modes:    Special commands of C, C++, Objective-C, Java,

IDL, Pike and AWK modes.

Asm Mode:    Asm mode and its special features.
Fortran:    Fortran mode and its special features.

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