49.1 Easy Customization Interface

Emacs has many settings which you can change. Most settings are customizable variables (see Variables), which are also called user options. There is a huge number of customizable variables, controlling numerous aspects of Emacs behavior; the variables documented in this manual are listed in Variable Index. A separate class of settings are the faces, which determine the fonts, colors, and other attributes of text (see Faces).

To browse and alter settings (both variables and faces), type M-x customize. This creates a customization buffer, which lets you navigate through a logically organized list of settings, edit and set their values, and save them permanently.

Customization Groups:    How settings are classified.
Browsing Custom:    Browsing and searching for settings.
Changing a Variable:    How to edit an option’s value and set the option.
Saving Customizations:    Saving customizations for future Emacs sessions.
Face Customization:    How to edit the attributes of a face.
Specific Customization:    Customizing specific settings or groups.
Custom Themes:    Collections of customization settings.
Creating Custom Themes:    How to create a new custom theme.