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27.6 Running Debuggers Under Emacs

The GUD (Grand Unified Debugger) library provides an Emacs interface to a wide variety of symbolic debuggers. It can run the GNU Debugger (GDB), as well as DBX, SDB, XDB, Guile REPL debug commands, Perl’s debugging mode, the Python debugger PDB, and the Java Debugger JDB.

Emacs provides a special interface to GDB, which uses extra Emacs windows to display the state of the debugged program. See GDB Graphical Interface.

Emacs also has a built-in debugger for Emacs Lisp programs. See The Lisp Debugger in the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.

Starting GUD:    How to start a debugger subprocess.
Debugger Operation:    Connection between the debugger and source buffers.
Commands of GUD:    Key bindings for common commands.
GUD Customization:    Defining your own commands for GUD.
GDB Graphical Interface:    An enhanced mode that uses GDB features to

implement a graphical debugging environment.