31.13 More advanced features of the Calendar and Diary

This section describes some of the more advanced/specialized features of the calendar and diary. It starts with some of the many ways in which you can customize the calendar and diary to suit your personal tastes.

Calendar Customizing:    Calendar layout and hooks.
Holiday Customizing:    Defining your own holidays.
Mayan Calendar:    Moving to a date specified in a Mayan calendar.
Date Display Format:    Changing the format.
Time Display Format:    Changing the format.
Diary Customizing:    Defaults you can set.
Non-Gregorian Diary:    Diary entries based on other calendars.
Diary Display:    A choice of ways to display the diary.
Fancy Diary Display:    Sorting diary entries, using included diary files.
Sexp Diary Entries:    More flexible diary entries.