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path root_directory() const;
(since C++17)

Returns the root directory of the generic-format path. If the path (in generic format) does not include root directory, returns path().



Return value

The root directory of the path.




#include <iostream>
#include <filesystem>
namespace fs = std::filesystem;
int main()
    fs::path p = fs::current_path();
    std::cout << "The current path " << p << " decomposes into:\n"
              << "root name " << p.root_name() << '\n'
              << "root directory " << p.root_directory() << '\n'
              << "relative path " << p.relative_path() << '\n';

Possible output:

The current path "C:\Users\abcdef\Local Settings\temp" decomposes into:
root name "C:"
root directory "\"
relative path "Users\abcdef\Local Settings\temp"

See also

returns the root-name of the path, if present

(public member function)

returns the root path of the path, if present

(public member function)

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