Installing Bash (Bash Reference Manual)

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10 Installing Bash

This chapter provides basic instructions for installing Bash on the various supported platforms. The distribution supports the GNU operating systems, nearly every version of Unix, and several non-Unix systems such as BeOS and Interix. Other independent ports exist for MS-DOS, OS/2, and Windows platforms.

Basic Installation    Installation instructions.
Compilers and Options    How to set special options for various systems.
Compiling For Multiple Architectures    How to compile Bash for more than one kind of system from the same source tree.
Installation Names    How to set the various paths used by the installation.
Specifying the System Type    How to configure Bash for a particular system.
Sharing Defaults    How to share default configuration values among GNU programs.
Operation Controls    Options recognized by the configuration program.
Optional Features    How to enable and disable optional features when building Bash.