10 Installing Bash

This chapter provides basic instructions for installing Bash on the various supported platforms. The distribution supports the GNU operating systems, nearly every version of Unix, and several non-Unix systems such as BeOS and Interix. Other independent ports exist for MS-DOS, OS/2, and Windows platforms.

Basic Installation:    Installation instructions.
Compilers and Options:    How to set special options for various


Compiling For Multiple Architectures:    How to compile Bash for more

than one kind of system from the same source tree.

Installation Names:    How to set the various paths used by the installation.
Specifying the System Type:    How to configure Bash for a particular system.
Sharing Defaults:    How to share default configuration values among GNU


Operation Controls:    Options recognized by the configuration program.
Optional Features:    How to enable and disable optional features when

building Bash.